“My name is Patricia Micarelli and I am 85 years old woman and a former resident of Georgetown Texas. About 2 years ago, I had a horrible experience with the Jiffy Lube there in Georgetown. They forgot to put the oil back in my 2007 Camry and the oil filter fell off whereby it burned up my engine and caused serious damage. My oldest daughter, Stace Pashuck, was initially the one that had to deal with this troubling and potentially dangerous and life threatening situation with my car stalling out on the highway.

After repeated attempts to get Jiffy Lube to respond for some type of resolution, even after they indirectly admitted fault, our actions for a desired solution was ignored and disregarded with no response at all. After a few weeks, my youngest daughter, Kelly Micarelli, proactively and vigorously searched for the best attorney in the particular area of the law and in this general area of North Texas. It didn’t take long to realize that the only attorney for this case was James Twombly. Immediately after sitting down and talking with James, that he was the right man for this case and my ensuing case against Jiffy Lube. He went to great lengths and explained the process in great detail with all of the steps that might be necessary to get Jiffy Lube to replace the engine and set up a rental.

The best thing that we could ever have done was to hire James Twombly to represent me in this case. From the initial meeting, all the way to the end which resulted in a Jury trial, James is the most professional, the most thorough, the most prepared, the most knowledgeable, the most seasoned, the most experienced, and the kindest attorney that I have ever had the privilege to be associated with and to have represent me. James was very sensitive to me, my age, and my family and kept us in the loop and informed every step of the way with such meticulous detail that everyone involved felt a sense of great comfort and great confidence throughout the whole process.

When it came time for the trial, James rose to the occasion and handled, coordinated, and planned everything and then executed a flawless and perfect courtroom strategy that turned into a 6 to 0 unanimous verdict on my behalf. My, son, Michael Micarelli, made the comment and emphatic statement; ”James Twombly is the finest attorney that he has ever met, been associated with, and had the pleasure to witness up close and personal.” Afterwards, when it was time for the attorneys to go back in the Jury Room to meet the jurors, all six of the jurors asked James for his business card. That in of itself speaks volumes to the caliber of attorney that James exemplifies and is to his clients and to all that cross his paths.

In the final analysis, I am thankful, grateful, and enormously blessed that GOD crossed my path with James Twombly. He was my night in shining armor. He went beyond the call of duty to make me and my family feel comfortable and completely confident throughout the whole trying 2 year process. James Twombly has proven himself to me and my family to be a man of great character, integrity, honesty, kindness, and distinct honor with great care and focus on the relationship with everyone that he represents. My family just doesn’t now have an attorney we can count on as the need arises, we now have a friend for life that we now consider family.”

Patricia Micarelli

“A friend recommended I call James for help with an home insurance issue. James did not disappoint. He explained the process in a way I was able to understand and was quick to let me know of any important updates. If someone in my family were in need of some legal help I would tell them to at least give him a call.”
– Alex

“My family have engaged the services of James more than once. Clearly we would not have done so unless we were fully satisfied. He is patient and understanding of our concerns but deliberate and strong as he represents our interest to the other parties. We highly recommend him.”
-P. Walker

“My wife and I, Ann, have used Mr. Twombly twice. In both cases he has been extremely professional and extremely easy to work with. He is very thorough and digs for the dirt. We can’t recommend him enough. If necessary, we will use him again and again. We can’t thank him enough for what he did for us.”
– Ronnie B.​

​”I really never got a chance to tell you thanks for taking on my case. I called about 50 lawyers and no one was willing to take it until I called you. You were very professional and kept me updated every step of the way. I have been refering people I know to you because you are the best. Thank you for everything you did for me and my family”
– Tim Haynes

“Mr. James Twombly is a valued asset when it comes to breaking down the legal aspect in lay terms. Not everyone is legal savvy, however, James takes the time to make sure that you totally understand what you are up against and how it may influence your case. Good guy, would definitely recommend James to my most trusted friends and family.”
– Robert Nadler, President/CEO, CsiNadler Partners, Inc.

“I have known James in a professional group I attend and although I have not used his services directly, over the years I have recommended him to several people that needed counsel, including my daughter. His knowledge and “pit bull” attitude let me know with a certainty that when needing an attorney, James is someone I want in my corner. His tenacity and character is everything you want in an attorney, when you find yourself in those situations when someone wants to take advantage of you…James will level the playing field.”
– Paul Ott​

“Compared to a previous defamation attorney we had hired–and one far more costly– James Twombly acted efficiently and with much professionalism. He also communicated to the defendant with the right touch of sensitivity and persuasion”
– Marianne Rucker​

“While on an RV road trip to Big Bend, my husband and I were hit by an 18 wheeler over Christmas 2013. The most serious of the injuries was my shattered shoulder. It took surgery and months of rehab to get full use of my arm. On recommendations from our family lawyer, we were introduced to Mr. Twombly. He took the case and, from the beginning, made this very easy to reach a fair settlement. He guided us through the claims process, wrote letters, stayed in contact with us and our medical providers and gave great legal advice. The whole process took several months but while he was handling the case for us, I was able to focus on getting well. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.”
​-Rebecca Whitsitt.

“While other attorneys were scared to take my case because they thought I would lose, Mr. Twombly saw the potential and, through full investigation of the facts and the analysis of an expert witness, he was able to convince the opposing attorney that they should settle for the requested amount. Mr. Twombly is the attorney I will call for future problems.”
– Jim Tranum, President of Tranum Auto Group, Temple, TX.​​

“James handled my personal injury case with such professionalism and sincerity. He was very informative throughout the legal process and was a genuine advocate for my cause. He made a very difficult situation, much less stressful. I am so thankful to have found a trustworthy and experienced attorney. I would absolutely recommend James to my family and friends!

James did such a thorough and professional job for me on a personal injury case, I didn’t hesitate to contact him when I found myself needing a criminal defense attorney. Once again, Mr. Twombly provided impeccable representation to ensure that I was treated fairly and respectfully throughout my criminal case. Members of the court’s staff even inquired who my attorney was, considering the outcome of my case. Without question, I would call upon James for any legal issues I hope to never have in the future.”
– Nikki S.

“I just wanted to send my mother’s and my appreciation for the work you did on her case. You took this case when I couldn’t get anyone in Waco to take it and achieved a settlement that was very favorable to my mother and God only knows that she needed the money because she is on a fixed income. You were honest with me and kept me informed on the case and I wouldn’t hesitate to give you a call if I need your services again. Thank you.”
– Lynn Roberts

“I have used James for a few different contract reviews and a couple other questions pertaining to my business and he has been extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and his sense of urgency is way beyond what I have experienced with other lawyers. I will certainly continue to use him and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone in need of legal assistance.”
-Mike D.

“James helped me collect funds due in a real estate transaction. He did a good job and was honest in his dealings. He did what he said he would do.”

“I was the victim of a frivolous lawsuit a year ago that was taking a toll on me with worry and anger. James relieved me of all that angst and within a short time, convinced the other side that they had “barked up the wrong tree”
-Warren Spain

“James Twombly did a great job on my personal injury case and I have been referring clients to him ever since. He kept me informed and answered the phone when I called. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again.”
-Robert L.

​“My name is Eunice. If you were to learn about me, you would know that I am a huge Superman buff. I’m not into collecting comic books or episodes of Smallville but I love the idea of what Superman stands for, ‘truth, justice and the American way.’ In the year working with James Twombly, he emulated all of these values.

In our first meeting, I remember sitting in his office while I was explaining my circumstance for the seventh time. I had met with several lawyers before James and they had all had told me the same thing… I had no case. However, I knew I did. I just couldn’t pay them $250 an hour to take my case.

Don’t get me wrong, I saw hesitation in James’ face as well. However, he agreed to review my paperwork.

When I left his office, I was feeling so many different emotions. I’m not sure which emotion surfaced on my face at that particular moment, only he can tell you that answer. He agreed to take me as a client purely on a contingency basis. I like to say ‘faith’ but he calls it contingency, which it was. I distinctly remember James saying the words, ‘great injustice’, ‘root for the underdog’ and ‘love a good fight.’ I can’t remember in what order he said them but he believed in me and believed in my case.

I knew then that he was the right lawyer and would ultimately be a great lawyer. He fights for truth, justice and the American way, at least in my book. That is something I appreciate. In due course we won the case and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.”
– Eunice Diaz

“James handled my personal injury case with such professionalism and sincerity. He was very informative throughout the legal process and was a genuine advocate for my cause. He made a very difficult situation, much less stressful. I am so thankful to have found a trustworthy and experienced Attorney; I would absolutely recommend James to my family and friends!”
– Brooke S.

“After being injured in a rear end collision, a friend recommended James as someone who could resolve the issues of my case. He was knowledgeable and kind throughout the ordeal and handled everything with professionalism. The outcome was more than we expected due to James’s dedication to my problems. In the future, we will definitely call James Twombly to represent us if we need a lawyer. He began as an attorney representing us in a dispute and ended up as a friend.”
– Elizabeth and Darryl